comel kan mereka ni ?

i am just an ordinary girl that had been raised by an AMAZING parent ! love them both and no one can change the FACT !

Apr 24, 2012


assalamualaikum ,

helllooooOOO ,
hey , U U U over there ... yeah U !

have u ever met an angel before ?
me surely yes ! 

she's like an angel to me . coz she's always makes me happy and comfort me in every way that she can .

she's my MOTHER . my ANGEL . my IDOL . my EVERYTHING .

she's perfect in every way . 
im so happy because im sure she's in heaven now .

hey , when im a mom , i want to be just like HER !

its true mayb what people said she's not around me by now ,
what they dont know is she's never left my side .
her blood is in my body . her strength is within me 
and her love will always be inside my heart .

she left me all her love , all her comfort and all the sweet memory .
never fail to make me feel lucky enough by just being hers .

ya ALLAH , thanx for giving me chance to be her daughter .
i love u ma . 


  1. moga ibu anda ditenang disana..selalulah sedekahkan ayat2 suci pdnya...hnya itulah yg dpt diberikn oleh ank yg soleh/solehah..

    takziah...dn al fatihah...

    p/s: menagis sy...huhuhu


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