comel kan mereka ni ?

i am just an ordinary girl that had been raised by an AMAZING parent ! love them both and no one can change the FACT !

Jun 4, 2013

my first man .

asslamualaikum ,

ALLAH had love u more abah . 
that's for sure .

it has been 13 years now , and still it feels like u were always there . 

the way u hug me , 
the way u always put me to bed,
the way u always being patient for all my behavior.
the way u smile to me and the way ur calling me .

thanx for all the things that u had done to me bah .
and sorry for all the things that ive put u through.

ABAH never teach me how to live ,
he lived and show me the way.

Jun 2, 2013

sands worth millions .

assalamualaikum ,

breath in . breath out .
ok ! 

if you still doesnt have anything to do now . 
go and listen to a song . it might be the things that u need to hear from others .
friendship , relationship and even a battleship .
they can crack so easily if it was being crew by just one side . 

its not that i hate you , it isnt that im ignoring u .
its just that i need some space and at this moment i do really need a person who understand .
but i do really know no one would care as i do .
so please give me the support so that i can get through .

i really cant think much now and i know ill surely hurt myself most but please 
please let me make mistake so that i wont just jump into conclusion of u guys out there . 
the pain that i felt is the joy that all of u shared ,
i am on a path now .
may it will be the path that ALLAH bless . AMIN .

be strong to all the dearie out there .
coz the person like us is everywhere . they just cry in the rain and let the cherry to be lick . 

Apr 26, 2013

jello mello is yellow

assalamualaikum .

haiii smua reader :)
hilang bapa bertongkat ibu . pergi ibu hilanglah 1 nikmat di dunia . DOA mereka . 

dah lebih dari setahun aku kehilangan mama .lebih 13 taon keilangan abah .

every single time when i miss them . i just close my eyes and picture all of them to be around me .
aku akan bayangkan aku yang masih kecil berada di rumah yang adanya abah untuk tepuk aku , temankan aku tidur hingga ke nyenyak . aku bayangkan mama yang tengah sibuk masak dekat dapor . mesti bau asam pedas pari dengan bunga kantan yang teramat sangat banyak ... UMPHHHH ! sedapnya ...

di kemudiannya aku akan bayangkan kau yang tengah tersenyum tiap kali mulut aku sengetkan . 
aku bayangkan kawan2 yang tengah borak kencang sambil makan abc .
segalanya indah . buat aku terlelap hingga ke pagi .

entah kenapa dua tiga hari ni aku nak mama.
aku nak sangat mama . 

cinta biarlah simpan di dalam hati .
agar penuh berbisik doa pada Illahi . 

Apr 19, 2013

im allergic to peanut !


sometimes , u just need these thing :

jigsaw puzzle : so that u aware that u are actually a BIG piece of puzzle in someone's life .
crayon : to colour up ur every gloomy days .
marbles : so that u can replace them if u lose some . 
peanut : so that u can have them and be remembered that its okay to be nuts sometime . 

being in a different place and environment sometimes make me wanna scream so everyone will listen and do everything my way . but i rather shut my mouth and tango with them .
coz at the end i can be a better me by doing things i once think it is possible to be done . 

it is funny actually because this is something that im actually not familiar with . 
a place where kids are given chance to say out loud about everything they think .
a place where kids are given chance to do and go everywhere they want YET they listen and remember ALLAH always . 

and yet , sometimes it is good to be nuts and different from others . 

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