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Jun 3, 2012

u must fight for yourself .

assalamualaikum ,

entry kali ni nak emo2 la nak x nak x ?

hurmmmmm ,

it is true . in life , there's always up and down .
tp whenever ur in diz situation : if there's a right person beside u ,
ull definitely will get it through :: the easy way .

mama always say "in life its all about choosing"
dun ever mind if ur making some mistake . they will teach u ! 

if u cant beat them , just join them .
the more u make them happy the more they like you .

manusia ni dorg ske kalau kt dga cakap dorg ,
always say that they are right .
dorg ske sgt sampai kadang2 dorg lp . nasihat2 dorg 2 da makan diri dorg sendri .

kt yg sentiasa happykan dorg xkan rasa apa .
n just mampu tgok dorg dr luar kotak yg dorg reka sendri .

x rugi pape pon wat org happy ni . PECAYALAH . 

k la till then , keep on looking outside the box . 
ChiiiiAaaaaoooOOOoooo .

ayat penegas : jangan de org tgok aku dr luar kotak aku sudah . AHHAH :P

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