comel kan mereka ni ?

i am just an ordinary girl that had been raised by an AMAZING parent ! love them both and no one can change the FACT !

May 7, 2012

u just wouldnt know

assalamualaikum .

it has been 56 days now .

and seriously the feeling gets deeper and deeper . 
its hard for me to  through all this , 
seroiusly ! its very hard . 

missing a person who u make believe still there for you is a very hard thing to do . 
doing everything that she likes , eating everything which is her fav and seeing everything with  her sight .

aku x faham dengan perasaan aku . aku cuba pendam sehabis baik kesedihan aku sebab aku taw ni yang terbaik untuk mama .

they are so wrong . 
mama isnt gone forever ! mama just went away for awhile .
the best part is : we're gonna meet soon ! real soon !

k al till then , PSSPPSkjyhneyenye

ayat penegas : My mom is the best ! 

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