comel kan mereka ni ?

i am just an ordinary girl that had been raised by an AMAZING parent ! love them both and no one can change the FACT !

Nov 16, 2011

LollyPOP !

assalamualaikum ,

if friendship can be describe as food then both of u r my most fav marshmallow .
crispy on the outside and soft in the inside ~ my own type of heroin and sooooo refreshing like a green TEA . :D
if friendship can be describe as colour : ur both BLACK ! heeeeee :D
and if only friendship can be describe as love , then i really want both of u to know that ur in my deepest heart.
next to my boyfie and near to my family . <3

love spending time with both of u sweetheart ~ next plan USS ~ zussssshhhhhhhhhhhh ! hehhehe .

ayat penegas :bia kawan gile ske wat keja gile . jangan kawan makan kawan sudah !

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