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Dec 26, 2012

the deepest i can GO .

Assalamualaikum ,

Happy berkenal2 untuk tahun ke 4 sayang ~ 
hehheheh . 

the same actual date 4 years ago , we had been together .
since then , never knew that all the love song n this world were true .

how much can u love me ?
"the deepest that i can go" .

from the first sight to the last goodbye .
there's nothing other than happiness that u had brought to my life dear archy .
from the first assignment to the last task .
u were always there for me .
like u used to say 
from the old ex5 to er6f
im always there for u .
hakhakkk .

mungkin yang aku rindu 
tiap apa semangat yang kau bagi .

kalau ada pun air mata aku xnak tersia
kalau adapun tawa biar kau dan aku je rasa .
janji? janjiiii  . :)

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